15 Jul 2014

Shopping Safely and Discount Codes

When we think of online shopping, we think of ease, shipping convenience, simpler mode of payments and numerous discounts. But at the same time, we are also thinking about online frauds, hacking, phishing, order cancellations without refunds, privacy policies, etc.

How do you ensure safety and security of information sharing that occurs between you - the consumer and the e-commerce site? 

With the boom of e-shopping portals, differentiating one from the other is a mammoth task and at times many of us end up losing money in the process. Thus it is vital for us to understand the authenticity of the website before we transact through it. There are numerous reviews and recommendations available online only for these merchants so it is advisable to search for them first on complaint forums and discussions. If the website you are looking at appears in complaints then you know that it’s best to leave that page at once.

Also important is to understand the privacy, shipping, funds transfer, exchange policies of all the portals. Usage of micro fonts to undermine the importance of some essential rules is a part of this game for a long while now. Ensure that you go through all the terms and conditions before you check on the I Agree and Proceed.

Every transaction made online generates a digital receipt once the same is completed. Make sure you save that receipt or reference number with you for future references. If printing is not feasible, take a screenshot of the page and save it on your device. This is essential in cases where there is a problem with the merchandise or the merchant says that funds have not been received (in cases of transactions through net banking or credit card online transactions).

Always check whether the website you are transacting on is an encrypted website. Look for things like usage of passwords before the transaction is authorised. Stay away from the phishing mails which ask you to give out your credit card information or net banking details. Refrain from sharing birth date details or address information and read thoroughly before you click on some unknown link.

Remember you are looking for an ultimate shopping experience and not unnecessary stress. If you can stay away from a particular link or you want to click it but your instincts tell you otherwise, listen to them. There are several websites which boast of some fabulous discounts but be sure of clicking on the right ones. Read the consumer reviews and posts, understand the kind of business they do and then take your decision. After all, your money is hard-earned. Take care of it!

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