16 Dec 2013

Advanced Personal Weather Station review

One of my daily rituals in the morning right after waking up is to check the weather, even though I might have checked the weather forecast the night before. There are a few personal weather sensors out there but the problem is that you do not really get accurate readings as they are normally placed inside where it is warm and dry. So I was delighted when I received the perfect gift - the Advanced Weather Station, my own personal weatherman from Paramountzone.com.

It is much more advanced than similar gadgets in the market as it has a wireless sensor which you place outside. So you can see the minimum and maximum temperatures (in °C or °F) inside and outside the house. Moreover, it gives you the air pressure (in mb/hPa or in Hg) and provides the weather forecast for the next 12-24 hour - shown as easy to understand graphics. The gadget does this by using the air pressure data for the last 4 hours. However, it is recommended that you leave the gadget on for at least 12 hours to get accurate forecasts.

That's not all. The weather station has an alarm clock feature and tells you the sunrise and sunset hours. It also gives you the moon phases automatically based on your location. This brings me to one of the two things I was not happy about this gadget. It has a list of 160 major cities in Europe but this list does not include Coventry and I had to use the nearest city, Birmingham. Another thing I was not happy about was the display lighting. In order to activate it, you have to press the big snooze/light button at the back. However, it only comes on for 5 seconds and I wish there was a way I could extend the time. On the positive side, I guess this extends the battery life but this is not a problem if you use electricity to power using the mains adapter.

To view the relative air pressure history for the past 12 hours, press the "HISTORY" button at the back.

Setting up the Weather Station was quite easy. I just followed the steps in the manual. First of all, after connecting the station to the mains, I set the date and time by pressing the "SET" button on the back and using the "up" and "down" buttons. I did not want to get disturbed and deactivated the 2 alarms.

Outdoor Sensor
I then put batteries (2 x AAA) to the outdoor sensor and then selected the channel. It was already set up at channel 1 by default. As I was not sure how weather proof the sensor was, I left it near the window for the time being and I noticed that it does give me different temperature readings.

It is definitely better than the old one. Yes! I already have another weather station but it is quite basic compared to the latest one. So if you know someone like me - who's into the weather channel, you know what to get them this Christmas. I guess it is really popular as it is currently out of stock but you can have them notify you when it is back in stock.

If you still do not know what to get for your favourite guy - Paramount Zone Has lots of Christmas gifts for him Hurry.

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