15 Oct 2013

Customised phone cases from Wrappz

As highlighted by my last post, we can not underestimate the importance of a good case to protect our mobile phones. That does not mean covering them up with thick foam. We want them to retain their functionality and of course, look good as well. I guess that's where customised cases come in. I am a big fan of customised cases and the last time I bought one from Ideal cases for my Samsung Galaxy SII (now used by my better half). It has served us well but recently developed a crack.

Looking for a replacement case led me to Wrappz.com. We had previously bought a skin for our iPod touch and was quite happy with the product and their service and decided to go for it.

Using their site is really simple and just takes 3 steps. First of all, I selected my gadget (Samsung Galaxy S2) under the cases tab on their homepage which takes you to their personalised Samsung Galaxy S2 case cover page. I then uploaded a Instagram photograph of my kids taken at the Isle of Skye. You can also select one of the images from their extensive gallery. Unlike other sites, the site allows you to customise the images in various ways. You can rotate, layer and scale them, besides adding background colours. You can even add text but I left the image as it is.

Once I was happy with the image (under preview), I then proceeded to the checkout.

The overall cost comes to £18.97 + £ 2.50 for shipping (in the UK) but you can get a 20% discount voucher by submitting your email (see screen shot below).

You have the option of paying by card or via Paypal - my preferred option. The best thing is this whole process is that you do not have to go through the whole hassle of registering on their site. The delivery was amazingly fast - just 2 days.

We are really happy with the case cover. The cover clicked into place and fits the phone perfectly, covering all the corners. It is of a better quality then the previous Ideal case cover.

And it is not just us, some of our close friends has given positive comments about the case as well. If you are looking for a customised case cover for your mobile phone, I definitely recommend Wrappz.

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