11 Sept 2013

The new iPhone 5S

Read what all the top tech sites are saying about the iPhone 5S:

Mashable: iPhone 5S Hands On: All Change Under the Hood "The biggest difference for most users will be iOS 7."

The Next Web: What the iPhone 5s ’64-bit’ processor means, in plain English. "the iPhone just got a whole lot more powerful."

Stuff: iPhone 5S preview "it's nearly indistinguishable from its predecessor."

Wired: iPhone 5S: Meet Apple’s New Flagship Phone

Watch the best review below:

1 comment:

Rowan Gonzalez said...

Aside the fingerprint scanner and some slightly better hardware Apple doesn't seem to be as innovative anymore. I expect most from the 5C, which should allow people in countries with lower wages to buy a new Apple smartphone as well.