27 Dec 2012

Personalised T-shirt printing

Check out my T-shirt from TShirtPrinting.org.

You have a choice of printing your logo or any other design on T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts or vests.

Going through their site, I learnt quite a few things. For example, I found out that I could either go for a screen printing or a full colour transfer or something called heat transferred vinyl. Apparently the screen printing is good for printing on larger quantities. For the later method, they actually use a CAD cutter, which cuts out the letters and images from a roll of special vinyl. These letters are then stuck to your t-shirt using a special heat press.

Prices depend on the type of garment, number of items, the prints and colours used.
In the end, I went for the simple screen printing on a white cotton t-shirt. They took the logo from my blog and did a fantastic job. Check it out:

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