2 Jun 2012

Nespresso Coffee machines

I am more of a tea drinker rather than a coffee drinker but I am not sure why, outside the house I would always go for a coffee. Anyway, I have always wanted to buy a coffee machine and had the opportunity to unpack and try out an Nespresso machine, thanks to my sis-in-law and her husband. As the name suggests, Nespresso is part of the Nestle group.

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They have come up with several types of coffee machines and the one I tried out was the CITIZ TITANIUM (Krups XN7001). It has a retro yet sleek look that's really popular now. The machine is really simple to operate. You have to fill in water in the removable water tank. Place your cup on the drip tray. Then you pop the "coffee capsule" into the capsule container. The capsules are colour coded and there are 16 different types which they graded on aroma and intensity.

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As it was the first time the machine was being used, we were supposed to let the hot water run without any capsule inside for a few times.Initially I thought that the machine was not working as nothing happened - I tried pressing the buttons for the expresso or lungo (double) sizes but nothing came out. My brother-in-law then took over and pressed the lungo button for a couple of minutes and the hot water finally came out.

Once you have the capsule in place, as mentioned earlier - you have the choice of either the expresso or lungo sizes.  I wondered whether the expresso would have a stronger intensity but I could not detect any difference - but then I am no coffee expert. I recommend using the lungo size always as you only get to use the capsules once and would just be a waste to choose expresso and throw away the capsule. If you only want a smaller portion, you just divide the coffee. The used capsule drops down into the holder below automatically once you open the lid to the capsule container.

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Nestle has definitely hit upon on a fantastic idea - to get people to keep buying their products. You get to join the exclusive Nespresso club and can order the capsules any place, any time. You also get assistance if you have any problem with your machines. You also get access to the online Nespresso magazine.

Personally I prefer the bean-to-cup machines where you put in the roasted bean and you get freshly brewed coffee. I know they are costly but you get the freshest brewed coffee - straight from the bean. The DeLonghi ECAM 22.110 Magnificia S which costs around £400 is the cheapest among Which? Best Buys. What I like best about this machine is it's cappuccino system which can create the perfect creamy froth.

I guess others would prefer to buy coffee machines that use capsules as they are much more convenient and involves less maintenance. It's all a matter of choice and of course, your budget.

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