20 May 2012

Tough phones from JCB

One of our friends recently got a new phone - an iPhone 4. She was really excited and spent hours downloading apps, listenign to music, taking pictures - you get the idea. Well, one day, like a lot of us, she was in the toilet doing her business when the phone suddenly rang and you might have guessed what is coming - it slipped and dropped into the toilet.

This is not a unique scenario - in fact, according to an article on the Phones 4 U website, "Majority Of Water Damaged Mobiles Dropped In The Loo".

Anyway, after a few moments of hesitation, she promptly rescued the phone from the loo, turned it off (it was still working), wrapped it in loads of toilet paper and prayed. She did not take insurance and it was a costly monthly contract.

She was fortunate, after a thorough cleaning and drying, the phone was working perfectly. Hopefully, she has learnt from this mistake and would not be taking further calls in the toilet in the future.

I have never dropped phone in the toilet but old Sony Ericsson K770i lost it's camera function after my wife dropped it.

I once had a really tough which was waterproof as well (the Siemens M35i) and though I am not into adventure sports or working in construction or any occupation that involves a lot of rough work, it would be great to have a phone you would not have to worry about constantly.

Yesterday, I noticed a billboard advertising JCB mobile phones -called the Toughphone range. I never knew that JCB made mobile phones as well and was intrigued. Going through their website, I found out that they have 7 phones ranging from the basic Tradesman,which is waterproof and dustproof and is said to be the World's first floating phone to the Pro-Smart, which is an Android powered handset with 800MHz processor and expandable memory up to 32GB.  With a 3.2 inch HVGA touchscreen, the phone also has a 5MP Camera plus front facing camera.

The Pro-Smart is water resistant and dust resistant (tested to IP67). It has a talk time of 550 mins and standby time of up to 360 hours. I am wondering how much the phone weighs as they have not provided the info on the site. It does look a bit bulky and not for everyone. But it would be great to stand out from the crowd of sleek iPhones and the like. The phone sells for £334.99 with free delivery.

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