30 Apr 2012

SEO is a slow and tedious process

updated: 1 May 2012

SEO work should be an on-going process and not a one-off project. A lot of people expect to see immediate results and this is possible sometimes. For example, I won a SEO challenge organised by the Wangcyber forum. This was quite easy as the keyword Melayu Boleh was not very competitive.

Moving up too fast may not be good
I personally believe that the best SEO strategy is to build links incrementally, keep making regular updates and try to move up steadily. If the site moves up too fast, it will set alarm bells ringing at Google HQ and might be penalised (I have seen this happening in the past with sites moving from PR4 to 0 and completely disappearing from results).

If you hire a good SEO expert or SEO company, you should be able to see improvements in your search engine results after a month (of course, improvements depend on the competitiveness of rankings).

Keywords help but not much
Some people seem to think that SEO is all about adding keywords in the title but I personally think that the effects are negligible. If you do not believe me, you can try adding keywords on your web pages and see whether they are able to move up 10+ on search engine results. I have found that Tags on the site, key words and the number of updates do matter. However, link backs are what makes the biggest difference.

Page rankings and social media
Search rankings and results are based not only on the links to the page but also the page rankings of the sites that link back. The higher the Google page rank of the site, the better.

Do not forget to link from social media: Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, Google +, Facebook and Pininterst. This is where my strength lies because I have several thousand followers on my social media, even higher than several companies who do it commercially.

To conclude, I would like to stress that SEO work is a slow and tedious process and it is indeed very hard to show substantial improvements for certain keywords in just one month, unless it is very unique and not competitive.

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