27 Dec 2011

Hottest gadget accessory of 2011 - Beats by Dr. Dre

No! The hottest gadget accessory is not the multicoloured iPad covers or your Wi-Fi signal detecting T-shirt (though I would love to have one).

The hottest gadget accessory this year are the headphones. And I am not referring to just any headphone but Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. I first noticed them in some celeb pictures but now I see them everywhere.

Pic by MB-one (Alexander Kaiser)

I noticed a couple of University students with the headphones hanging around their neck and asked them what they liked about them. Their reply: "They are cool!"

They do look nice but they are definitely not cheap. For example one of the best selling headphones on the Apple store is the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre High Definition Wireless Bluetooth Headphones which costs £249.95. However, according to some of my techie friends, its' just a fashion fad and you can have comparable or better quality headphones for lesser, for example, the Sennheiser MM400 Bluetooth Headset (in comparison to the Beats headphones), only costs £184.95.

Check out the list of the best budget headphones on the Stuff website.

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