4 Nov 2011

Christmas gift ideas

You know Christmas is near when you start receiving Christmas Secret Santa emails in your inbox. For those who are not familiar with this western tradition, you are randomly assigned a person -whom you are supposed to give an anonymous gift. This usually comes with an affordable price range and gives you the flexibility to give and receive gifts without spending much. However, I often have difficulty choosing a gift, especially if it is for a lady.

Fortunately there are several online stores which help you with greats ideas and tips for Secret Santa gifts. The "Find me a gift" site has gifts suited for different personalities. Not surprisingly, I ended up on their Gadget page and were delighted that there were so many affordable yet fantastic gifts and novelties ranging from voice recording novelty mugs (£9.99) to the Flip Mino HD Camcorder (£19.99).

Check out the site, I am sure you will find something you like. I do need a camcorder (Hint Hint!)

Update (20/12/2011): Apparently the camcorder was very popular. It is no longer listed on the site.

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