12 Oct 2011

The JBL MS-2 - for a better listening experience

Some great news for audiophiles who love to pump up the volume on their car stereos. The groundbreaking JBL® MS-2 car audio accessory from HARMAN International Industries automatically tunes your car stereo to improve the listening experience from portable music players and smartphones - making it the perfect iPod, iPhone or Android™ smartphone accessory.

Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and really simple to use, the JBL MS-2 uses digital signal processing to create clearer, more powerful sound from existing speakers in any car or even at home (with a 6-volt DC power supply). Once connected all you have to do is press the Setup button and the JBL MS-2 will automatically tune the tonal balance, bass impact and sonic clarity across a car’s existing speakers.

The JBL MS-2 has a suggested retail price of $239.95 in the US. Not sure how much it will cost here in the UK.

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Dejta said...

And I think I just found the perfect Christmas gift for my boyfriend. :)