17 Jun 2011

Broadband Wherever

Satellite broadband is an great solution for those people and businesses located in rural or outlying areas where traditional internet connections are unavailable or slow.

Connection speeds have increased significantly. Broadband Wherever is now able to provide a 10Mb service powered by Tooway, which is the fastest satellite broadband solution in Europe. This is ideal for people living in a "Not Spot" or who have poor ADSL speeds. With low set up costs, broadband speeds are no longer just a dream. Accessing your favourite videos on YouTube, catching up on missed TV programs with iplayer, and downloading your favourite music from iTunes are a reality.

Some of the main features are:

  • Fastest satellite broadband speeds in Europe
  • Choice of speeds available, choose either 6Mbps, 8Mbps, or 10Mbps
  • Smaller dish only 74cm
  • High monthly data allowance
  • Customer login to check usage on line
  • UK IP addresses available for services such as iplayer
  • Great service from leading UK supplier with no hidden costs

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Business Mobiles said...

Not only does internet access effectively lower the cost of communication and expand information flow, but it also extends market boundaries. It is easy to see how an investment in the upgrading of our country’s bandwidth capabilities is not only an investment in economic growth, but also an investment in development.

Disappointed said...

High monthly data allowance? I don't think so. We exceeded our allowance in 2 days without doing anything beyond our norm. We are now faced with doubling costs from £25pm to £50pm & being Scrooge with usage.