28 Jun 2011

Blamza - another tech blog

I love reading other tech blogs because every blogger has their own take on latest gadgets and technology issues. Among the few I have started reading recently is Blamza, a blog which focusses mostly on mobile technology and apps. The blog was started by Tony, a self-declared "computer science nerd" who is really passionate about mobile technology. However, the blog posts are not limited to mobile teachnology related topics. For example, the latest post reviews the Onlive console package.,

If you love reading about technology, especially related to mobiles, I recommend that you visit Blamza.

24 Jun 2011

Information on booting from a CD

I have heard that having a bootable CD is useful but never thought about it much until I read the information on the Boot from CD site. These CDs contain a smaller version operating system that allows you to run your PC to recover data from crashed PCs or run diagnostic tools.

The site provides links to available solutions and also provides step-by-step instructions to help with your BIOS configuration besides other information.

Roy, the owner of the site has personally downloaded and thoroughly tested all the solution listed on the sites.

21 Jun 2011

The Nokia N9

Nokia today announced the new Nokia N9 at Singapore. The unique feature of the new phone is the innovative design where the home key has been replaced by a simple gesture: a swipe. If you are running an app and want to go to the home menu, all you have to do is swipe from the edge of this touch screen phone.

For those who love taking pictures with their phone, the N9 comes with one of the best camera-phones ever - a 8MP Carl Zeiss autofocus sensor, wide-angle lens, HD-quality video capture and large lens aperture enable great camera performance even in lowlighting conditions.

The phone comes with three home views of the user interface and are designed to give fast access to the most important things people do with a phone, namely using apps, staying up to date with notifications and social networks, and switching between activities.

The body is precision-machined from a single piece of polycarbonate and flows seamlessly into beautiful curved glass. The 3.9-inch AMOLED screen is made from scratch-resistant curved glass. According to Nokia, the polycarbonate body enables superior antenna performance. This means better reception, better voice quality and fewer dropped calls.

You may also never need a separate sat-nav again as the phone features a new dedicated Drive app, with free turn-by-turn drive and walk navigation with voice guidance in Maps.

The Nokia N9 is also the world's first smartphone with Dolby® Digital Plus decoding and Dolby Headphone post-processing technology.

Sharing images and videos is also easy as the phone comes fitted with the latest in wireless technology, Near Field Communication (NFC). You can also pair the phone with Bluetooth accessories like the new NFC-enabled Nokia Play 360° wireless music speaker only once, and you get a great surround sound music experience with just a tap.

Available in three colors - black, cyan, and magenta with storage options to accommodate plenty of content: 16GB and 64GB.

The Nokia N9 is scheduled to be in stores later this year.

I have been a Nokia fan most of my mobile-phone carrying life before I moved on. Maybe I will get it for my wife who refuses to buy any phone other than a Nokia and I get to play with it as well.

19 Jun 2011

A.I.Type Keyboard for your PC

In my last post I wrote about the A.I.Type keyboard and predictive text software which allows you to type faster on Android phones. Later I found out that there was a beta version of the A.I.Type for PCs as well. Combining artificial intelligence and complex mathematical algorithms, the predictive text suggests texts and even sentences as you are typing and all you have to do is just point and click to select the next word.
So if you need to write a essay real extra fast, this is just the software for you. A.I.Type works on most popular Windows applications on your PC including Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Outlook, Skype, etc. The great news is that the beta version of A.I.Type is still free.

18 Jun 2011

Faster typing on your android

Though I love Android phones, typing on the touch screen can be a pain sometimes. Anyway, I found out about the A.I.Type with it's amazing text prediction. According to the website, AItype uses a unique technology which combines Artificial Intelligence and complex mathematical algorithms and promises to help you type faster and better. When I last checked it only offers English predictions but hopefully support for other languages will come out later as well.

This Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) based keyboard for Android 2.2 is totally free. I was reading some of the reviews on the Android Market site and most of them were quite positive.

17 Jun 2011

Broadband Wherever

Satellite broadband is an great solution for those people and businesses located in rural or outlying areas where traditional internet connections are unavailable or slow.

Connection speeds have increased significantly. Broadband Wherever is now able to provide a 10Mb service powered by Tooway, which is the fastest satellite broadband solution in Europe. This is ideal for people living in a "Not Spot" or who have poor ADSL speeds. With low set up costs, broadband speeds are no longer just a dream. Accessing your favourite videos on YouTube, catching up on missed TV programs with iplayer, and downloading your favourite music from iTunes are a reality.

Some of the main features are:

  • Fastest satellite broadband speeds in Europe
  • Choice of speeds available, choose either 6Mbps, 8Mbps, or 10Mbps
  • Smaller dish only 74cm
  • High monthly data allowance
  • Customer login to check usage on line
  • UK IP addresses available for services such as iplayer
  • Great service from leading UK supplier with no hidden costs

Order now for great offers on hardware & installation.

9 Jun 2011

Angry Birds for PC

Just found out that one of the most popular games on the iPhone is now available for PCs and it is totally free. In case you haven't guessed by now, I am referring to the Angry Birds game which you can now play on your PC.

You can also download it as an app for the Google Chrome browser and play offline.

However, be warned. The game is really addictive.

Thanks to my friend Zaman Kadir for the link.

8 Jun 2011

New Tech Blog

Blogger motiv8 asks whether in the near future whether all our personal devices will become "centralised, cloud only terminals" in his tech blog RawNotion.com.

The first article was in April this year and there have been a number of interesting posts since then. There is a wide range of teach related posts ranging from Kickstarter.com, a site which aims to make it easier for creative projects to gain funding to news about the launch of Google IO, which are grouped under the following tags: Innovative Web, Innovative Products, Mobile Web and Augmented Reality.

Looking forward to more great tech posts in the future.

If you are into the stuff mentioned above, do drop by his blog and say Hello!

5 Jun 2011

10000+ followers on Twitter

At last count 4,617 Twitterers are following me(@admutum) on Twitter and I am currently following 4,262 as well.

A friend recently asked me why I was following so many. According to her, it would simply be impossible to keep up with all the tweets and was the reason why she was only following slightly more than 100 people.

Of course it would be practically impossible to keep with all the tweets in real time. For example, there were over 100 new tweets in slightly over a minute which is not really much considering that I am following over 4K Twitterers. I also have a policy of following back almost anyone who follows me. And that is precisely why we have lists - I have listed the people I follow into different categories including academics, blogger friends, family, etc. Furthermore, I am managing 2 more Twitter accounts as well. This is precisely the reason we have Tweetdeck which allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts and the Tweets you follow.

Anyway, I aim to have 5000+ followers by the end of this year and may be 10000+ followers soon afterwards.