19 May 2011

Lady Gaga releases songs on Farmville

Singer Lady Gaga has released 2 songs from her new 'Born This Way' album on the popular Facebook game Farmville. She has her own neighbourhood called Gagaville.

In order to access the songs, player would have to complete a few tasks on the completion of which they are allowed to listen to the songs. A really unique way to release new songs and Lady Gaga is of course unique.

Here's the list of the songs:
Marry the night - not available
Electric Chapel - available May 18
Fashion of His Love - available May 19
BORN THIS WAY album - available May 20–23


Gamers Lounge said...

Lady Gaga in farmville? I wonder if there are limited edition Lady Gaga items that you can buy, while this event is still going on.

Dilip Mutum said...

You can buy the album if you want. Or some virtual stuff like electric roses.

gamerpunk11 said...

GaGa, y u so hard to earn that pony reward? Myself, y u no level first your farm. But really its a good thing to look forward to playing in farmville the gagaville. :-) P.S. Love those rocking motorcycle sheep huh. buyaionaccounts