26 Feb 2011

Are you annoying your followers with too many tweets? Buffer helps

By Leon Widrich

If you are using twitter heavily like I am, you like to keep your followers posted about every great article or piece of news you just came across. Have you ever discovered though, that this might annoy some of your followers, if they receive lots of updates in a short period of time? If you feel there might be some truth here and you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with all that information at once, let me introduce you to Buffer. It is a new Twitter App, that will spread those tweets out for you over the course of the day. All you do is hit the Buffer icon, instead of the Twitterbutton.

How do I get started?

Once you created your account you can choose fixed tweeting times, your added tweets go out. You can add additional timeslots and spread them out evenly over the day. Each day your buffered tweets will go out to your followers at these times.

The best way to add tweets

The first thing is to install the right browser extension for you. You can then add tweets to your Buffer right there from any page you are on. Whenever you like an article, click the Buffer icon and add one more tweet to your Buffer.

You can choose to either edit the tweet like I did with Adam’s post below or add to Buffer right away. Buffer by default suggests you the headline and the shortened URL of the article. That really makes the experience very intuitive.

You have lots of tweets in your Buffer, what now?

Once your Buffer is full with tweets, you can always go back to your Buffer account and edit the tweets. The interface is very intuitive and lets you just drag tweets from one place to the next, to move them around.

Why is Buffer useful to you?

If you are a person like me, reading many great blog posts every day and trying to fully capitalise on traffic from Twitter, Buffer is a must have for your toolkit.

What makes Buffer a “killer” tool, is that it means no extra effort to add a tweet whilst reading, yet you share great articles with your followers consistently.

The fact that your tweets are now evenly spread out, will also be much appreciated by your followers, so they can catch up with your news in a timely manner.

Sign up with Buffer and I would love to hear your views.

About Leo:

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