10 Aug 2010

Camera repair site

I have had my old Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9 lying around unused for a long time. It's still working perfectly - the only problem is that the viewing LCD is no longer working.

I took it to some shops to get repair it but the quote was too high. It was actually not worth it and it might even be cheaper to get a new camera, which is exactly what I did.

Most shops don't give me a straight answer and they always tell to bring the camera in and they will have a look at it and then come up with a quote. Why is it so difficult to tell me how much it would cost to repair the damn LCD on the back?

However, I have not given up looking for a place where I can get the camera repaired and I came across the Teleplan camera repair site. They have made getting a quote to repair cameras really easy - in just 4 steps.
First of all, I select the camera brand and then pick the specific model. I then click the "Get a free quote" button. This takes me to another page where I can select the camera problem to be repaired. This automatically takes me to the repair quote page. This site is so amazing. I also went to their Sony camera repair and Olympus camera repair pages because I know of friends who also have old cameras that need repair and I was quite pleased to see that they repair old models as well. However, the prices don't seem to vary which is quite surprising. Having said that, the prices were surprisingly much cheaper than the quotes I have received so far for my camera.

Unfortunately the site is only available for customers in the UK and Canada. I guess we have to wait for a UK site to offer similar services.

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