26 Jul 2010

Top 3 Dell Laptops

Laptops are now a key part of everyday life for millions of consumers worldwide. From business people emailing financial information and keeping up to date with events, to students conversing with others and studying on the move, laptops are now a key part of our life.

This post looks at three laptops from Dell - which are in my opinion, the best Dell Laptops currently on the market You can take advantage of Dell Discount Codes to get them at affordable prices.

1. Dell Inspiron 1545

The Inspiron 1545 is an affordable all-rounder. The notebook is one of Dell’s stockier laptops; this can be an issue if mobility is an important factor to you, as moving the notebook constantly can often be troublesome. However, for people who are rarely on the go, the notebook is an excellent choice. The product features a 15.6" screen and features two Intel® Core™ Duo Processors. All in all the Notebook is a good all-rounder, but what makes it one of the top laptops is the price, with an RRP of £298 this laptop is an excellent example of value for money as well as boasting some great features.

Dell Vostro 3300

The Vostro is a perfect laptop choice for business users. Weighing 1.94kg, it is the perfect option for mobility. The laptop sports an ultra thin body and features a 13.3" LED backlit screen. The overall slim design and matt finish makes the laptop feel extremely sleek, perfect for the business environment. This model has been packed with Windows® 7 and is equipped with dual-core Intel® Processors. The laptop offers medium graphic support, perfect for displaying presentations and graphs, but lacks the speed required by the average PC gamer. With an RRP of £510 the laptop is a great deal for the features it supports.

Dell Alienware M11x

The Dell Alienware M11x is the perfect laptop for the mobile gamer. It has an 11.6" screen, which is perfect for playing the latest games. The Dell Alienware features DDR3 memory and amazing graphics thanks to its GeForce 335M combined with 1GB of video memory. The battery life is also impressive; perfect for the gamer on the move and with such a high-spec CPU speed, it may come as a surprise that the battery life is as good as it is. The design is sleek and smooth and is portable for the true mobile gamer. We also feel the RRP of £750 is a fair price. This excellent laptop has amazing hardware, which is vital for any gamer who wants to keep playing - even when on the move.

Dell Laptops are some of the most affordable on the market and the price doesn’t have to be an issue as there is a variety of Dell Discount Vouchers available on the Internet. With excellent support, hardware and software, Dell laptops are a perfect choice for anyone on the move.

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