30 Jun 2010

Taking pictures with the Samsung GT- I5700

The Samsung new Galaxy GT- I5700, also known as the Spica and as the Galaxy Portal here in the UK has a 3.2 megapixel camera - nothing to shout about when we have so many 5 mp camera phones around. A lot of reviews have rubbished the camera on this great phone, especially the fact that it does not have a flash. What were the Samsung people thinking about? Definitely not a phone for those who like to take pictures of themselves making silly poses indoors in poor lighting.

The fact that it also does not have a camera cover does irritate me a bit because my benchmark was my old Sony-Ericsson 770i and every phone that does not have a camera cover seems outdated.I mean a cover simply makes sense when you a carrying your phone around all the time. I hate oily lenses though it sometimes does have the unintentional effect of creating images similar to those taken by a Lomo.

Having said that, the quality of the images taken in bright sunlight is not bad. I was actually surprised because the quality of close up pictures are quite good - even better than some higher meagapixel cameraphones.



Same cannot be said for objects in the distance though I guess again, they are quite acceptable for a mobile.

Southwark Cathedral

You also have the option of adding the GPS location to the images. Another option I really like is the ability to shut off the irritating camera sounds. Great for taking spy and candid shots and also during ceremonies where people tend to get irritated by flashes and the sound of clicks.


Stela James said...

Its really nice pics.

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sandeep said...

the pictures are very crisp and are having good contrast. nice

david said...

great shots!! really sharp and crisp images for a camera phone!

Rose said...

Takes nice crisp photos for a camera phone.

Dilip Mutum said...

Rose: Only in bright sunlight. It's major disadvantage is that it doesn't have flash.