27 Apr 2010

Sony Ericsson K770i dismantled

Sony Ericsson K770i

Was feeling a bit bored and searching on the web for a way to fix the camera on my old Sony Ericsson K77Oi mobile.

Came across this site and followed the steps to completely dismantle the phone. The cover didn't come off that easily as the guy mentioned until I realised that I would have to unscrew the small screws. Learnt one lesson from this - a mistake I won't make in the future. Don't assume that other people can read your mind. If you do a manual, put in EVERY single step even though it seems like common sense to you.

Anyway, I found out a lot about the mobile through this exercise but I still couldn't figure out a way to make the camera work. The camera lens seems to be fixed directly to the mother board. It's annoying when I can't take any pictures with the phone - the main reason I bought this particular model. Fortunately I can still make video calls using the camera in the front.

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