15 Jan 2010

Everything you wanted to know about the Nexus One

A lot of people are talking about Google's mobile phone - Nexus One. Though manufactured by Taiwan-based HTC, Google was apparently involved in every step on the design process.

The Nexus one is the latest in a series of so called "iPhone Killers" which have fallen by the way while the iPhone goes from strength-to-strength.
Reportedly only 20,500 handsets have been sold in the first week since it's launch.

The sim free set costs $529.00 on the Google site. That translates to roughly £324/ which is not exactly what you call cheap.

Anyway, check out all the technical specs of the Nexus One. They seem to have thought of everything.

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Turning Winds said...

A cool phone! It is really expensive but it's worth of having one. A hand phone with great features on it.

Nice and very cool hand phone plus an internet mobile phone in one, a great device that NexusOne introduces to the public.