14 Dec 2009

The new INQ Chat 3G

This is the third model from INQ Mobile – the fully-owned subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa and thus directly related to the 3 mobile network.

Looking at the features, I won't be surprised if the INQ Chat 3G becomes more popular than the first model - the INQ1. It's not a touch screen phone but it comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, HSDPA and 3G connectivity and a 3.2 camera. What makes this phone different from other offerings out there is the fact that it comes integrated with push email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and instant messaging.

The phone is obviously targeted at the younger, so called Facebook generation. I am sure they will also love the changeable battery covers - which comes in shiny red, yellow, green, pink or black.

Like the other previous INQ models, you can connect your laptop to the Chat via USB and use it as a wireless modem.

All of this comes at only £99.99 on PAYG or £15 on a 18 months contract with the 3 mobile network.


Net Age Internet Marketing said...

This looks a lot like the Blackberry that is getting touted, complete with free facebook access, here in South Africa. You can not believe how popular this phone and facebook combo has proved to be with the local youngsters. Then there is also integration with Mxit, a local IM service that was popular way before facebook already.

Elizabeth Quinto said...

This INQ 3G also looks similar with the other mobile phones that are also 3G. However, this has a unique feature and characteristics.