18 Oct 2009

Amazon does mean it when they say "We're Building Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company"

I am amazed and delighted.
I knew that Amazon.co.uk's customer service is good but I never knew they were THAT good.

Anyway, following my latest email to their customer service (read my previous post), I received the following reply today:
Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Amazon.co.uk with your enquiry concerning the promotion on the item in the above order.

I have reviewed and found that this order is a qualifying purchase for this promotion.

For all questions regarding eligibility, we encourage you to view the terms and conditions listed online at the following URL:

In this case, as an exception, I suggest you to go ahead and place a new order for the qualifying games listed in the above mentioned link and write back to us with all the new order details and we would be happy to issue a refund for the total cost of the new order.

Please use the following link to write back to us:

I promptly went to their site and picked 'Trauma Centre: New Blood', which costs £16.74 and 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes', which costs £29.99 and I will get both games for FREE (total savings of £46.73). Yeah!

Just noticed that they have further reduced the price of the Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort and Motion Plus Controller (Wii) by £10. It is now £169.99. Damn, should have waited for a few days.

Anyway, I just checked on Argos and they are still selling the Nintendo Wii at £179.99 but they are including the Wii Sports Resort with Motion Controller, Super Smash Brothers, Mario Tennis and Wii Compatible Mega Accessory Pack for free. A bit of a limited choice of free games as compared to Amazon and it's all a bit confusing as you have to click the special offers tab to take advantage of the offers. People who are not too savvy with the Argos site might miss the offer altogether. Moreover, I couldn't find Mario Tennis listed anywhere, even though it's on offer.

UPDATE (20 October, 2009):
My two free games -  'Trauma Centre: New Blood' and 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes', arrived today.

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