25 Sept 2009

Google PR or Alexa?

This is a very old topic among online marketers and I actually posted about it some time back. Read "Does Google PR matter?"

However, I have to bring it up again. The reason is that several potential advertisers keep asking me about my blog Google PR. For those who did not know PR stands for 'Page Rank'.

Right now my blog's Google PR is 3/10. I know it doesn't sound very impressive but you might be surprised to learn that my blog has the same rank as top Malaysian blogger - Kenny Sia. But that's where the similarities end. Kenny had an Alexa rank (another web ranking system) of 49,243 when I last checked while my blog is 338,261. Yes! It's higher. But unlike the Google page ranking system, in Alexa rankings, a smaller number is better. He also receives an average of 12,065 visits a day. I won't even reveal mine. Let's just say is way below his number and has fallen tremendously ever since I reduced the frequency of my postings on this blog.

I promise to start blogging religiously once I complete my PhD and I have more free time.

Coming back to the topic at hand, I guess it's beneficial for me to advertise my Google PR rather than Alexa, while I work on increasing the traffic to my blog.

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