15 Jul 2009

Moving from Talk Talk to O2 broadband

I have not been updating my blogs for a while. No! I haven't been struck down by Swine flu. It's because I don't have any Internet access at home right now. Hopefully that will change tomorrow when I get reconnected to the net again with 02 broadband. It''s been really hard and I sometimes wonder how we managed without any Internet access in the past.

I have been with Talk Talk for a while. They are now the UK's largest resident broadband provider and second overall behind BT. Not surprising because they are the cheapest. The broadband connection came free with the telephone line. Even though, I had actually called them the worst broadband provider in the past, their service had improved tremendously. However, even though it was cheap, we were looking for a more reliable internet service provider.

Initially we were thinking of Virgin broadband and their claims of super-fast cable braodband connections were really tempting. However, after reading customer reviews on various sites, we finally decided on O2. Apaarantly O2 has the most satisfied customers in the whole of UK. First of all we had to change to a BT line which was activated last Friday. On the same day, we were in the Coventry city centre and decided to get a Pay-as-you-go O2 sim card. This is because the Internet connection is cheaper if you are a O2 customer (good marketing).

Anyway while we were there we noticed that we could actually sign up and get the O2 router in the shop. Moreover they were having a broadband promotion as well and we won't have have the initial two months free plus a discount on the initial sign up fee.

At first it looked like we were outside their normal coverage area and would have to pay more for what they call the "O2 Home Broadband Access package" but when we got home and called up to activate the connection, we actually found out that they were going to extend their coverage area, meaning that we won't have to pay for the alternative Broadband Access package and there would be no problems moving down to the lower rate (I sincerely hope so).

Will be posting about my initial experiences with O2 broadband tomorrow.

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