10 Mar 2009

Does Twitter actually give you traffic?

This is in response to a question left by a visitor to my blog.

I have a link back to this blog from my Twitter profile but apparently not many followers click on that (according to my statistics). However, there is some traffic when ever I link a blog post to a Tweet.

I am also using Twitterfeed.com to tweet posts on my ah ok lah blog automatically. I did notice some traffic to the blog from the tweets but nothing spectacular.

So, my answer the question whether twitter actually increases traffic to your blog has to a "probably!" However, you would need to be really famous with thousands of followers to see a noticeable increase in traffic.

First Commentator


Anonymous said...

I've been resisting the whole Twitter movement... I'm having a tough enough time juggling my blogs and facebook accounts, LoL!!

Anonymous said...

NO, it is such a pain for my blogs that I don't know why i am using it, and the hits come through twitter.com they hardly visits for few seconds.

Dilip Mutum said...

Lynne: It can be addictive but it's fun. I have linked it with my Facebook account so that every post on Twitter shows up as my profile update on FB.

Anonymous said...

guess what? I crumbled and signed up, LoL! look for me as lynneNaranek :)

Dilip Mutum said...

Welcome to the Twittersphere Lynne. I am already following you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I bet there are ways to increase traffic flow from twitter. You just need a lot of followers and then a really good page for them to go to.

Kai said...

You have to be persistent and continue on to add more people on Twitter. You need a lot of followers to make good use of Twitter if you are using Twitter to market your blog. Be patient, and keep adding more people.

Anonymous said...

For me Twitter is just a very efficient way to get as message out to a lot of people quickly. I only expect a very small percentage of followers to be interested enough to click through and convert, but since posting something to Twitter involves little or no work, its got to be worth it in terms of a return on your time spent.