19 Mar 2009

Does Google PR matter?

Blogger Kai Lo left me a comment on my last post "New advertising policy". According to him I am impatient and he pointed out that my blog has a Google PR 0. It's quite funny because his own blog has a PR0 as well and he actually wrote a post about it saying "not to put too much emphasis on pageranks".

Anyway, I decided to write a blog post as a reply to his comments.

Well Kai, I have been blogging since September 2003 and started this blog in 2006. Since then, the Google PR of this blog has seen it's fair bit of highs and lows and the highest it ever went was a PR3. Read "Google PR updates and my blogs".

I got Google slapped in early 2008 when my PR dropped to 0 and has remained there ever since.

As to the question whether Google PR matters, I have to say "Yes!".

Traffic from Google is now lower and I have had to find other ways to increase traffic to my blog. A few potential advertisers pulled out when they realised that the PR of my blog is 0. Just shows how much importance that people pay to it. I haven't carried a sponsored post for ages but I still do carry affiliate links as well as Google adsense.

It might come as a surprise to many people that among all my blogs, this has the highest traffic per month. It also has the lowest Alexa rank (248,431 as of today - the lower the better) .

All of my posts are indexed almost immediately (advantage of hosting with Blogger) and my blog also ranks high for a number of key words. For example, try 'seo expert coventry' in Google search.

So Kai, as you can see, I am actually quite patient but you are right about one thing though - many advertisers do look at the PR of a blog.

First Commentator
Kai Lo


Anonymous said...

By no means was my comment an attack. Also, the post in my blog was catering more to new users, but I did not specifically state that it is. My blog is only a little under 3 weeks old. I do not have much credibility when it comes to SEO or how to master the social network to increase traffic. I did say don't put too much emphasis to pageranking on my site, and again, it was a statement for new bloggers. I want them to focus on contents, and as long as they continue to learn how to increase traffic and backlinks to their sites, they will see an increase in pagerank without worrying too much about pagerank. If I was to say if the blogger wants advertisements, then yes pagerank means a lot. As a new blogger, advertisements should be the last thing on mind. I don't know why Google penalized you with a drop on pageranking, but it is up to you to find out from others who have experience on that issue.

IT Chair said...

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Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Kai, You are first commentator again. I want to emphasise here again that I am not a new blogger and I have been advertising on this blog since 2006. My pr came down to 0 last year and I guess it was punishment for carrying sponsored posts and links without the no follow tags. Thanks anyway.

Hi Ashkan, I would be more than happy to look at your ebook if you email me a copy.

Anonymous said...

bro..you can write to google for an appeal if you want to get your PR back...i've seen people done this before but they have to remove all the paid post or nofollow them all...you can google it out.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog work.. keep it up..
will drop by your site often.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments..
Have a great day.. Cheers!!!

Kai said...

The advertisements have to have nofollow tags on them. No exception to the rules. That is most likely the only reason why Google penalized you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dilip Mutum said...

Martin: I removed your comment because I noticed that you have been posting the same comments on a number of blogs - that makes you a spammer. I am going to bar you from now on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
It seems you have been blogging for quite a time. And i feel that i could learn a lot more things by visiting your blog more often. And Mr. Kai I think Mr. Adams knows much more then us. So we must not make any comments which will mean to attack him. Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

i think i am going to ask to reconsider my old domain. once i clear off all the old post.

yes, PR is important, if u want to make money with it

Anonymous said...

It is very necessary that the adv do need to have no follow over them as google will penalize you for this. PR is the most important thing and it makes more valuable in every visitor eye. There are many ways to build backlinks
but the best of them should be used and it is better to get quality links than quantity of links..

Nice post anyways

Anonymous said...

I think Google PR is the most important thing. As its most of the times you will find visitors who are very much keen to know how much you make efforts for your website. In case if you do not have a good PR you will not get good ranking in google as building links is also another important aspect in optimization of your website. Instead you need also to do internet marketing

Kai Lo said...

Hey Adam, the PR has been updated. Your blog appears to be back up to PR 3. Check it out yourself!

Neetu Sharma said...


Now after 3 months from 31st Dec 08, Google finally update my site’s PR as on 2nd April 09.


zuraidin said...

I find about your blog from malaysian coventry society/association or something like that, I guess I read your blog quite often, to me good PR and alexa rank play a vital role in our traffic, especially those involved in adsense, affiliate etc etc....but for PR thing, my personal blog, which I wrote for nothing basically and some sort of my digital notes collection is now PR3, I'm not expecting that higher. Likewise, my other blogs that purposely pampered for adsense, is now 0,1 or 2 so how on earth in simple manner , I will get my PR back...I know your the Coventry Seo expert ......

Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks for dropping by Zuraidin. As they say, in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King. ;-)