3 Nov 2008

Skypephone now with SkypeOut

One of my major complaints about my old Skypephone was that it didn't allow SkypeOut. I first read that the 3 network was going to allow SkypeOut from compatible mobile phones on their network on the 3 Mobile Buzz blog.

I was really excited when I found out that my wife's new Sony Ericsson K660i came with the new Skype software that allows you to make SkypeOut calls from the mobile - only to phones abroad. However, I was unhappy that I was stuck with the old software on my mobile phone and I couldn't find any info regarding this issue on the 3 website.

Well a few days back, I was playing around with my phone and found out that I could upgrade to the latest software for FREE by downloading the latest software developed by iSkoot

I can now make cheap calls to phones outside the UK using my SkypeOut credit.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great upgrade.

Anonymous said...

Skype is really running slow. Not bad for the long run.

Anonymous said...

Skype is a cool program, just by it's design alone, but have you tried the new Google voice? It sounds just as good, but it is currently only beta so it doesn't have multi-chat yet. My theory is that they are probably going to use this new voice feature in the android phone for a way to make free phone calls over WiFi. Oh, did I mention if has video also? :D