1 Oct 2008

Buffalo MiniStation Portable Hard Drives

I can't stress enough the importance of backing up your files. A computer crash can wipe out months of research work (and years of work in some cases). I personally know of a few cases where a PhD student lost all three years worth of research because their laptop crashed and he had to run here and there trying to find someone who could recover the information from the hard drive.

For this purpose, I have been using the portable hard drive I brought from over form Malaysia, all this while. At one time, 20 GBs of space was considered an enormous storage space, however, with all the photographs, movies as well as my research work, I discovered that 20Gbs doesn't amount to much now-a-days. My wife was looking for a new portable hard drive to replace her old one as well.

So we set off to search the web for a good one. We had a few criteria in mind:
  • Shock proof
  • small profile
  • Fast data transfer and
  • of course, reasonably priced.
We looked around on the net and we were intially attracted to the Iomega eGo External hard drives with their funky colours. However, we read some reviews mentioning that their transfer speeds were quite slow.

To cut a long story short, we finally decided on the Buffalo 160GB MiniStation, TurboUSB Portable Hard Drive. Surveying various online stores on the net, we found that the best deals were on the Misco site. We got two drives for £39.99 each. We had to pay a total of £98.66 inclusive of VAT and delivery charges for the two.

buffalo portable hard drive
Small outside but bigger inside.


Anonymous said...

Portable hard drives are great, I keep music and movies on my computer and then once, of course, there was a computer crash and all my files were gone. So from then I have one external hard drive. It’s 80 GB not much but it helps to save files

Bookwormz said...

My friend recently bought a portable hard drive MaxFactor 250GB for RM270 and got a free flash drive, at u guess where, Low Yatt. Damn cheap hah!

I need to get one for myself as well.

Dilip Mutum said...

That's quite cheap.

There are cheaper portables disks here as well but I wanted something branded (with long warranty) and shock proof as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just stumbled in while looking for info on portable hard drive.

Tough lesson learned when my hard drive just went kaput and my PC just refuse to boot. Couldn't even recover the files I backed up in my backup partition.