9 Oct 2008

BlackBerry Storm unveiled

Every phone maker is coming up with their answer to Apple's iPhone. The latest to be unveiled is Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm.

This touch-screen BlackBerry smartphone will be made available exclusively to Verizon Wireless subscribers in the U.S. and Vodafone subscribers in Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand.

In comparison to the iPhone, the phone is slightly heavier and the screen is slightly smaller (3.25-inch screen as compared to the iPhone's 3.5 inches). The phone doesn't have Wi-Fi Internet access.

Frank H. Rovekamp - Chief Marketing Officer of the Vodafone Group introduces the BlackBerry Storm.


Anonymous said...

I love my blackberry. I will say though, I think my reception is not as good on it as it was on my old motorola phone. So it's a trade off. Looking forward to seeing the new phone in person.

Anonymous said...

I have used Blackberry for 2 years and cant live without it. It seems like BB storm will really take the market. I wonder when this baby will arrive to europe?

Anonymous said...

Have you guys tried this phone yet. I stopped by a Verizon store the other day and gave it a shot. I wasn't impressed with the touch screen. I know they say that is has a feedback response to the screen - but it felt more like a plastic see-saw to me.