24 Sept 2008

Unlocking the iPhone 3G

Now enough of the Google phone and Android. One of my cousins bought a used iPhone from the US. She was looking forward to playing with the various applications and of course showing it off to her friends. Her happiness was short lived. She didn't realise that it was locked and that the new Apple has made it near impossible to unlock it. I guess Apple did this because of their contracts with various carriers.

One of her "IT expert" friends spent a few nights trying to unlock the phone using various iPhone unlocking software freely available on the net but to no avail. Searching on the net for a solution led me to hundreds of dubious unlocking software solutions. However reviews indicate that most of them involved cutting the sim card as well. My own techie friend Fauzan, lead me to one of the so called sim card solutions called EASYiSIM NO CUT available on ebay. Not sure whether it works though.

David Zeiler writes that "Unlocking the new iPhone won’t be worth the trouble" in his blog.

Please contact me if you have successfully unlocked the new iPhone 3G?

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Anonymous said...

What's with Apple and making their stuff so hard to unlock? I got my friend and iPod Touch, as well as myself, and we both had trouble unlocking it! I didn't have that problem with the older models, so I wonder what's wrong now.