6 Sept 2008

Google Chrome in the news

Just what people are saying about Google's new browser:
"..the browser is a gateway into the clouds"
in "Google's Chrome Ups the Ante" Business Week

Pro and cons of Chrome:

"Google's Chrome: 7 Reasons for It and 7 Reasons Against It"

by J. R. Raphael, PC World

About the logo:

"The Inspiration Behind The Logo Design of Google Chrome"


Anonymous said...

I've tried Google Chrome, it's good and fast but not as good as Firefox, for me I prefer using my Firefox. Thanks for the post.. Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

What a load of rubbish, it's not a patch on firefox, google trying to be the big almighty again, well im pretty sure that they will lose on this one, google are getting too big for there boots...

Anonymous said...

Google Chrome is getting a lot of mixed reviews, although they are mostly swayed in the positive direction. I agree with iPhone, in that I am going to keep using Firefox. There's just no need to change.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Firefox will still be the browser of choice on my PC. I have to wonder about the future of Google (not that they are going anywhere anytime soon) as they slowly progress further and further from their original business model.