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Just got to know about yet another SEO Analysis site. Go over to, type in your site URL. It will automatically analyse your site and provide recommendations to enable (in their words) "your site to load faster, rank higher for search terms, and attract more visitors". And it's totally free.

Here's the report for my blog. Quite detailed as well.

I was quite impressed by the speed of analysis as compared to some other sites I have tried out. I am already aware of some of the problems given in the recommendations but unfortunately I won't be able to implement them all. I have reading up on ways to add a site map and may have found a solution finally.

Thanks for the info Rachel.


scatterhaiku said…
thanks for the tool. will give it a go. :)
Anonymous said…
wah. yesterday my boyfriend complained (when he was looking at my blog) "i cringed a bit upon loading". I was like, ok fine, this my personal blog and I don't have any problem with it. I reckon, if he comes up with the statistics, I'd be more convinced. Haha.

Thanks for this post!!
Anonymous said…
Cool tool thanks
Does google look at meta tags?

Says I need to add meta tags to my WP blog
Anonymous said…
Without these sites the new blogger who are not expert with web could not able to do many things. These sites are really great.
Anonymous said…
Wow.. I have been looking for this info for a while. This is very informative and detailed. You must be putting so much time into your blog :) Thanks for the post! iLL have you bookmarked.
10,000 Listings said…
Thanks for the link! This is a great tool, tons of useful information. I'm impressed.
Anonymous said…
Great site, and informative content. thanks for great tool
Anonymous said…
Cool tool thanks
google looks at meta tags or?
Anonymous said…
wow, thanks for the tool..i will try it now.
Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
That was a really great tool! The main things I need to do are compress my pages and add a Favicon.
Anonymous said…
Great find! This is a good tool to give a quick overview of a website as a sort of technical check-up. Gotta try it on a really bad website to see what comes up!
Anonymous said…
It's great tools. thanks for sharing this
Ruby said…

wow, thanks for the tool..i will try it now.
A nice tool


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