12 Feb 2008

Dream Gadget meme

I love electronic gadgets. I love reading about them, I love trying out the latest ones in the market and will buy them if I can afford them. However, I know of some guys who are even more obsessed and will be packed from head to toe with the latest gizmos, regardless of whether they really need them or not. I guess that in comparison, I am more practical and only buy stuff that I really need and will do so after detailed research and taking my wallet into consideration.

Anyway here are some of my electronic gadgets along with the ones I dream about:

1. Mobile: 3 Skypephone.

Dream gadget: Nokia N96.

BTW, the Nokia N96 isn't out yet. It will come out in Q3 2008.

2. Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9.

Dream gadget: Canon EOS 400D / Rebel XTi

3. MP3 Player: I don't have a separate player. I just use my Skypephone.

Dream gadget: iPod Touch

4. Laptop: Fujitsu

Dream gadget: Toshiba Portégé R500-124

5. Satellite Navigation: TomTom ONE UK and Republic of Ireland

Dream gadget: TomTom ONE XL Europe

6. PDA: I don't use one though I have an old Palm

Dream gadget: I don't need a separate PDA, the N96 would be good enough.

So what are your dream gadgets?

I tag: Azwan / Doris / Emila / Eches / Mei /Narrowband
and anyone else who want to take part.


emilayusof said...

Cool! I love gadgets too! Will do the meme real soon. Thanks Adam!

Mei Tan said...

Emmmmm! They are all very nice but I am not a very "gadgety" person. Got problem with operating them...:D
Dream gadget? A better camera which is light, small (fits into my pants pocket), large mega pixel, long battery life and easy to operate will be my dream gadget. Any suggestion?

WAHM said...

Ok - I'll work on it k - thanks for the tag :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking part in the meme ladies.

Anonymous said...

I hope to have my own nikon dlsr soon. My target gadgets this year, one new dell laptop and nikon. Wish me luck :D

Anonymous said...

Would love to have the N96 and the Toshiba laptop :)

The Canon Rebel seems a bit bulky.

Anonymous said...

i just love reading articles about this kind of gadgets..N96 for me maybe..?:)