15 Jan 2008

TomTom hung

I had been playing with my TomTom sat nav and had been updating the software. Had a scare morning as we were about set out for our son's check up at the Walsgrave hospital. The TomTom One just hung after startup. It just showed the logo and wouldn't shut off. I panicked a bit as we had to reach the hospital in less than 40 minutes.

Fourtunately remembered that there was a reset button at the bottom (See figure).

Source: TomTom ONE manual.

However, it was in a tiny hole and I couldn't find anything to press it. Finally found a needle and used it to press the resest button. That finally turned off the gadget.

Started it but the same thing happened again.

I repeated the whole process but this time, I hooked it up to my PC and started the TomTom HOME application. After loading it up, I put on my TomTom. I went ahead and restored the old files I had backed up.

It worked perfectly after that. Phew!

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