8 Jan 2008

Recover lost passwords for office documents

It's getting harder and harder to keep track of all the passwords I have for my various emails, online subscriptions, social networks, bank accounts and so on. I follow all the safety precautions -
1. using alphabets with numbers,
2. alphabets in different cases,
3. not forming and word in the dictionary and
4. at least 6 letters (unless more letters are required) and last but not the least,
5. not having the same password for different purposes.

This ultimately leads to my problem - it is practically impossible to remember all the passwords and they literally number in hundreds. The only solution is to write all of the passwords down in a diary. I dread the thought that I might one day lose my diary.

Talking about passwords, I sometimes forget to write them down and this is true for a number of my office documents, which were considered quite "confidential". And yes! I have forgotten the passwords.

Searching for an Excel password recovery solution led me to Password-Studio (http://www.password-studio.com/). For Excel and Word files, the software called Password-Studio Pro, uses a "Smart Dictionary" and "Bruteforce" hacking methods to recover your password. It is said to be the world's most powerful Office password recovery tool. As compared to other simialr tools on the net, I found that it is one of the cheapest at only $16.95 for a limited time(approximately £8.95 or 11.95 Euros). So what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Not only $16.95 I will pay more if they work. I have a word file containing a lot of information which I need so much. I am going to check.

Anonymous said...

great. thanks for sharing. really need this for my old documents..