22 Jan 2008

PayPerPost referrals

Some of you might recall me talking about affiliate programs and how they don't really work for me in my post about the launch of the Pepperjam affiliate network.

Anyway, a few days back I happened to look under ppp tools after logging into PayPerPost and discovered that I had been paid $15/ for referring a Collin DeRuyck. Thanks Collin.

Better still, I also found out that I have seven more pending referrals. I get paid $15.00 for every successful referral. the whole process works like this: The blogger takes an opportunity on PayPerPost and posts it up, the posting is then reviewed by the PPP people, approved and then finally accepted 30 days later. Then I get paid.

Here are the guys with pending referrals along with their joining date:

Ron H. - 02-25-2007
Raja Ainun Shaira - 03-21-2007
Jason H. - 08-04-2007
Anthony J. - 10-01-2007
Larry C. - 10-12-2007
Enbarani R. - 11-27-2007
Reena H. - 12-11-2007

I am not sure why but the first on the list joined in February 2007 but still haven't been accepted.

If you are one of the guys listed above, go to the PayPerPost.com site, login and see whether your membership has been approved. Once you are accepted, you can start taking opportunities and writing sponsored posts on your blog.

1 comment:

Bookwormz said...

My blog was not approved due to lack of posts in a required period. I'm writing more often nowadays to fulfill the requirement.
Sorrylah, no income for u yet!