5 Jan 2008

PayPerPost PC

Had been planning to buy a new PC for quite sometime and I started saving up all my earnings from my sponsored posts, since October last year. My initial budget was around £350 (around $693). Even though I passed the mark, I kept putting off purchasing one as I didn't think it was that necessary. My fear was that an occasion might suddenly rear it's ugly head where I would HAVE to spend money.

Anyway, the recent crash changed my mind. Started surveying around for the best deals and it was actually good timing because a number of retailers are cutting prices right now. Heard that Dell was offering free delivery and £20 off on selected Inspiron models. Read the details in my post "Deals on Dell PCs". For the same specs, the Dell PCs were the cheapest and finally decided to go for the entry level, Inspiron 530 DT. Without the monitor, the total price came to £ 279.02 inclusive of VAT.

It will be delivered on the 8th, next Tuesday. I have a quirky habit - I like to give my PCs a name. The one that crashed was the eBay PC and I have decided to name the Dell, the PayPerPost PC. It reason is very simple - it was bought by my earnings from sponsored posts that I got through PayPerPost.com.

The Microsoft XP activation countdown is still going on and I will probably reformat the hard disk before the time is up. I have always wanted to try out Linux and decided to load up Ubuntu on it. I have already requested a free installation CD and I should have it in a few weeks. That should be an interesting experience.

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Anonymous said...

I had read your previous post. Congratulations for PayPerPost PC :) Hope this time you will make no mistake and also waiting for 8th January. Hope you will write about your new PC.