31 Jan 2008

Am I the victim of an evil eye

I was discussing the possible reasons behind my recent downgrade in my Google PR rankings and one of my knowledgeable friends suggested that someone might have "notified" Google about the presence of sponsored posts in my blog. Now, this is just an assumption but not entirely impossible.

Before you think that I am suffering from any Paranoid Behavior, let me explain.

I had people asking me how much I charge for reviews on my blogs and never replying back after I gave them quotes. And no I don't charge that much. Definitely not $400/ per review like John Chow charges.

Moreover, today I discovered that I had 255 bans on PayPerPost.com. When I went to view the bans, I noticed that all but one of the bans was made on 17 of January 2008, "Per Advertiser Request", presumably by a single advertiser. Now I am left wondering who this advertiser is and what problem he/she has with me. The problem is that In case you are not aware, Bans will negatively affect your overall rating. Before this I had an overall tack rating of 5 tacks. It has now been reduced to 4 tacks.

I have left a ticket with the Izea people and looking forward to what they have to say.


Anonymous said...

I just assumed it was the payperpost graphic which tipped of google on which blogs were ... well, being paid to post. A quick search for that specific code snippet and you have the bloggers who are breaking googles imposed code of ethics.

Anonymous said...

Hope you can raise your pagerank on the next update :)

Anonymous said...

Starke...: If that was the case, then thousands of blogs would have be penalised. However, I see a lot of the top earners have high PR.
warhammer online: Thanks. I hope so.