21 Dec 2007

Web hosting guide

"Which web hosting company do you recommend?" is one of the most common queries I receive. Well, my answer is that it depends on your requirement and more importantly, your budget. I have tried out several hosts and at present, have websites hosted with 5 different hosts. For example, this blog "SEO Expert" is hosted with Blogger totally FOC.

Anyway, I do keep an eye out for the best deals to recommend to my clients as well as friends who often ask me for my opinion. Just came across one of the best web hosting guides at http://www.webhostingchoice.com. What makes this site stand out from others is the fact that this site is totally ad free.

Searching for your right Web Host is quite easy. Just fill in your desired maximum monnthly Cost and maximum setup fee as well as your desired minimum diskspace (MB) and minimum bandwidth (GB). Then clicking the "Search for Hosts" button should give you a list of all the web hosts that fulfill your requirements.

They have a number of useful information on the site and one that I found particularly interesting was their page on web host scams. I have fallen for some of the tricks mentioned there in the past. If you are new to web hosting, I definitely recommend that you go through their "quick start" page.

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Anonymous said...

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