11 Dec 2007

Using the 3 Skypephone as a modem

The reason that I haven't not been able to update my blogs regularly or reply to your comments and queries is because I am still waiting for my broadband connection at home to be set up. It's been more than 3 weeks now but TalkTalk still hasn't sent me the modem and installation CD as yet. Read my post : "TalkTalk Broadband update".

We are really fortunate that we have two 3 Skypephones that we can use as a modem to connect to the Internet using 3's 3G connection network (that sounds kind of funny).

To do that, I had to use the installation CD that came with the phone. It installed 2 applications, namely the Skypephone's PCSync and the modem USB driver. Once installed, connecting to the web was a breeze. All I had to do was connect the phone to my laptop using the USB cable and hit the "connect" button.

In initially has some problems getting on the web even though I had the phone connected. The phone was simply not detected. Later on realised that I need to have the PCSync application on as well. There were no problems after that.

Initially, whenever we got connected, we would be taken to this page which informed us that the connection would cost us £1 per Mb. It was kind of annoying but we finally got the point and went for the Internet Add-ons option. £5 got us one whole month of Internet access (fair use policy, of course). We felt that it was more cost effective than the £2.50 for a week or 50p for a day options.

We are connected to the web at 115.2 Kbps. Though not broadband speed, in our predicament, it was way above acceptable.

BTW, get the chance to win not one but three Skypephones for free. Check out my post: "3 Skypephone competition".

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Anonymous said...

How is the connection? are u feeling ok? i am using my cell to connect to the net. coz the broadband connection is bullshit here. I'm dying for a good connection.

And also feeling sorry for the late of u'r broadband connection