29 Dec 2007

Shopping for ipod accessories

It seems like everyone around me has an iPod from the low end iPod shuffle to the latest iPod Touch. The portable media players designed and marketed by Apple has become almost a fashion icon. Despite the presence of cheaper and some say, better portable media players, everybody I asked would rather buy the iPod - in fact any iPod. I guess the brand image and the "cool" factor is what makes the iPod a must have gadget.

They are not cheap either. The cheapest - iPod shuffle starts from £41.70 (ex VAT) and goes up to £228.94 (ex VAT) for the top of the range iPod Touch.

It amazing but whole businesses have been built up supplying all kinds of ipod accessories. These range from head phones to extremely costly iPod speakers.

PDO TopSkin for iPhone

There is also one obvious problem with the iPod, I won't call it a defect but as every iPod owner I have talked to confirms, the shiny covers are very susceptible to scratches. Thankfully there is an amazing range of covers for almost any generation of iPod that you may own. Check out the range of covers for the iPod, other MP3 players and phones (including the iPhone)on the PDO store site.

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