18 Dec 2007

SEO Expert and Google

Someone emailed me saying that my blog name was misleading as there were not many posts on search engine optimization. Well! that's true but as pointed out on my blog description, SEO is just one of the topics that will be covered in this blog. Having said that, I have to admit that I haven't been blogging about SEO or search engine related topics for quite sometime.

In fact, a search on Google for the terms - SEO Expert, shows that my blog has dropped to the seventh results page. It's even worse on Google UK - my blog is now on the 15th results page. That's a far cry from the days when my blog was #5 for the search term and that was not long ago.
Now got to try and bring it back up again.


Anonymous said...

nice blog and please try to talk more about seo, cya ;)

Anonymous said...

heh. Nice.and also Keep up the good blogging.

Anonymous said...

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