19 Nov 2007

PayPerPost coming out with new web ranking system

Recently paid a visit to the PayPerPost forums after quite sometime and I was not surprised to see a lot of threads were about the recent Google PR updates and the havoc it has created in the blogosphere and of course, on the drop in earnings of several posties (Bloggers who are members of Izea).

I was not spared. Yesterday discovered that 2 of my blogs, namely 'Freebies' and 'Auto lah' had slipped further and now have 0 page rank (from PR3 in just over 2 weeks). Of course, I am disappointed.

Izea has responded by announcing an ongoing project to come up with a new blog ranking system, code named "Goo Gone". The new page rank calculation will be based on the following:
  • 70% weighted towards visitors per day
  • 20% weighted towards amount of ACTIVE inbound links per day
  • 10% weighted towards pageviews per day
According to Ted Murphy, CEO of Izea:
Unlike Google, we are open to feedback. We will publish the actual formulas for all to view. If we make any changes over time based on user input you will see what those changes are and why.

Looking forward to see how my blogs fare on their system.

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