28 Oct 2007

Google PR updates and my blogs

Some of my regular visitors might recall an earlier post of mine where I had asked "Is Google going to get rid of page rank?"

Just realised that Google has finally gone ahead with the page rank updates. Regarding my blogs, I have had mixed results.

My oldest blog, ah ok lah, has finally gone back to PR 5, thus gaining entry to my list of "High ranked Blogspot blogs". The SEO Expert blog has also moved up and is now PR 3.

My other blogs which have seen an increase in PR are:
However, two of my old blogs slipped down a bit. Both my Freebies and Auto lah blogs are now PR 2 (down from PR 3). I guess it's partly my fault as I have been neglecting them (with regards to SEO), for quite sometime. I guess I will have to see whether this will have any effect on my revenue from the above mentioned blogs.


Anonymous said...

Am I hearing this right - they have updated pagerank for _all_ sites now? Not just the ones that Google didn't like? Dang, I better go check on how some of my fav. sites are looking.

Anonymous said...

Finally, some relief for me. I have been waiting for this so long. Although the PR update is still incomplete for my sites, yet they have shown some positive signs after being the victims of PR drop twice in this month

Anonymous said...

Google's really going after people buying/selling links with a toolbar PR drop. But does that actually effect your REAL PR?

Anonymous said...

Perros: So what are the results?

Webmaster tips: That's great news.

Utah SEO: Unfortunately, Google PR is the only PR that most advertisers recognise.