18 Aug 2007

WAHMs leading the blogging brigade

Blogging is a movement, a phenomenon, a revolution or a combination of all. A good example of something that has resulted in paradigm shifts or the way we think. It has changed and is still in the process of changing how everything works. No institution has remained untouched - families, communities, the press, businesses and even governments. They all had to figure out how to adopt and adapt to this new "thing". A few years ago people used to exchange telephone number. Then it was emails and now it's blog urls. Best of all you don't need to be a very tech savvy person in order to join in this new wave.

In fact, I can say that it has been very empowering to the common people - to you and me. I don't need to write to a newspaper to complain about a bad service or product any more . I can do it right here on my blog. Governments cannot suppress unfavourable news any more. Among the most empowered have been the "Work at home mums" or WAHM. Many creative and talented women who gave up their careers to care for a family (voluntarily or otherwise) have finally found their voice again.

I may be wrong but according to feedback from several lady bloggers, even though it was initially the social networking that motivated them, now it is the opportunity to make money online through their blogs, that has become a stronger motivating force. Of course money has always been a good motivator and with the rise of the importance of consumer generated advertising, money is pouring into this new medium.

Two main reasons make blogs an ideal medium for advertising. First of all, it is consumer generated and as we know word-of-mouth is the best advertising of all. Blogging is an advanced version of the 'word of mouth' transmission of information. Next, it an interactive medium where everyone can participate and discuss - where not only the blogger but visitors to their blogs as well, can voice their opinion (to some extent).

I cannot fully explain why, but women have taken to blogging for money in a big way. Just take a look at the top earners at PayPerPost, all of them are women and almost all are WAHMs. There are some "Work at home dad" bloggers as well (including myself) but we are outnumbered by the ladies.

Some say that it's effectiveness as an advertising medium is not proven as yet. However, many companies are slowly but steadily embracing the fact that consumer generated advertising through blogs may be actually the next big thing. Maybe it already is but people just don't realise it.


5xmom.com said...

I think it has something to do with how our brains are wired. We can come up with the words much easier than men cos you guys think and analyse too much while we can start tapping away at the keyboard immediately. Hahaha. Probably I was a secretary before so typing at lightning speed is no problem. Dugg. Or is it, digged?

Dilip Mutum said...

5xmom: I guess so. My wife always complains "why are you taking so long to write a 100 word post?"
It's Dugg. Thanks a lot.

Ann crum said...

I think you've hit on something here. Thanks for the great post!

Anonymous said...

I found it really... Weird, I guess, to see all the WAHMs blogging, lol!

I'm a WAHM - I do contract web work, design, programming, I also run a business, and am a student, and only recently did I apply for PPP.

I've been blogging for 11 or so years and have no plans on stopping anytime soon - why not make a buck from it? :D

Anonymous said...

Hszoo: Glad you think so.

Mommy: Wow! That's amazing. How do you juggle all of that?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea, haha... One mental break down at a time ;)