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Just ran the search terms on Google for "SEO Expert" to see which sites are in the top 5 positions.

They are as follows:

This is the blog of Brad Fallon, CEO of Smart Marketing, Inc. It was started in December 2003.
The site has PR = 5 and Alexa rank = 57,411.
The site is also #1 for coolest "guy on the planet".

Website of SEO Expert Services, a company which was just started last year. Their principal consultant is David Viney.
The site has PR = 4 and Alexa rank = 288,262.

This is the website of Robert Wright. The site was launched in 2001. The oldest among the top 3 in the list.
The site has PR = 5 and Alexa rank = 469,627.

Website of Misterweb. Not much info about the people behind the site.
Google PR = 4 and Alexa = 212,276
The site is also #1 for SEO UK.

Website of Kevin S. Kantola. Not much info other than that.
Google PR = 4 and Alexa rank = 1,070,089

In comparison my blog which was launched in February 10 this year, is now #10 on Google for the same search term. The Google PR = 2 and Alexa rank = 292,708. This mean that I have better Alexa rankings than the sites on either #3 and #5 positions.

I will be truly happy when I can break into the elite top 5 positions.



Anonymous said…
Just keep up with a good blog. Ranking will increase naturally.


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