10 Aug 2007

New full service Internet consulting firm

I was going through the site of a Tech consulting firm based here in the Midlands and was shaking my head as I was going through their site. It looked so amateurish, even I could come up with a template like that in less than an hour. And the funny thing was that this so called "professional" company listed web design as one of their services. Going down to their footer I discovered that the site itself was designed by some other web design firm.

It was the total opposite as I was going through the lifeBLUE Media site. It really looks professional. Formerly known as Teneo Design, the company was launched early this year. The firm is a full-service Internet consulting firm and it would be wrong to call it a SEO firm. They offer more than search engine marketing services. However, I can see that their main strength lies in web design and I was really impressed with their portfolio. Their list of clients includes Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups. Their blog also carries a number of interesting and useful posts on web design and online marketing among others.

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