4 Aug 2007

Money making secrets revealed for FREE

When I first started this blog, making money was not the objective. Rather I wanted to create a parody site of all those so called online marketing gurus, SEO experts and the like. While searching for ideas, I visited a number of sites and I guess I was converted as well. A lot of the money making tips as well as site optimization techniques did work for me as well and learnt a lot. I soon dropped my initial idea and this blog slowly took shape.

Anyway, one of the websites I regularly frequent is 'Profit Index'. Before you groan "Oh No! Not another money making website," you better check out this site to see what makes it different. It's fairly new and fast gaining popularity.

So what is unique about this site?

Well Jason Hill, the owner of the site is revealing all the money making theories and tips touted in various ebooks for FREE on his site one by one. According to him:
I will do this because I can do this, because I am sick of the thousands of bullshit books and other ways to waste your time and money.

The site also has a blog which is updated regularly. However, the link was on the side bar and not on the top menu, where I feel it should be. Noticed that the link to the "Security Index" page on the top menu is not working. There is a lot of great content but the site could do with some brightening up. Some pictures could help. It's a matter of opinion but in my opinion allowing all visitors to comment freely on the articles instead of limiting it to registered members will go a long way in making the site more interactive.

Thank God! he removed the previous "cash" background. The blog looks less cluttered now. There were a lot of surprises on the site and I learnt quite a number of useful stuff. Go on over to the site and read money making secrets for free.

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