30 Aug 2007

I am going shogging

Have you heard about Shogging? It is made up of the words Shopping and Blogging. This new term is also the name of a brand new and unique comparison shopping engine, that allows customers to Compare, Buy, and blog about the products they're shopping for.

This new concept - the ability to shop and blog (SHOG) within the same user experience, comes from Pepperjam, an internet marketing agency with nearly 10-years of industry experience. Led by President & CEO, Kristopher B. Jones, the company has become one of the fastest growing full-service internet marketing and technology agencies in the US.

Shogging.com is powered by the most cutting-edge tools available , namely AJAX and Python, which integrates e-commerce, search along with the blogging experience. I was listening to exclusive PRWeb Podcast interview with Kristopher. he explains that in traditional e-commerce websites, whenever you write a review you are taken to another page which disrupts the whole shopping experience. In the case of Shogging.com, this does not occur as the customer never leave their unique, individual shopping experience.

After looking at the site, I found that it is one of the best price comparison sites around. It's not surprising as their Merchant Partners include the large online department stores like Wal-Mart, Target and Buy.com, as well as niche e-tailers like Petco, Staples and igourmet. The site mentions that their database lists over 20 million products. Isn't that amazing?

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