31 Aug 2007

3D artist impression maps - functional and beautiful

I still remember the hassle I had to go through, finding my way around the university during my first week here. It was extremely frustrating trying to find the designated parking space for students, looking at the map of the university and driving at the same time, not to mention dangerous. In the end, I had to stop and ask around. It was risky as I couldn't just park my car anywhere - the guards here are really quick in clamping your car.

In fact, I often find visitors to the University or attendees of a conference there, walking around looking confused and stopping people to ask for directions. Mind you, the University of Warwick is huge with a number of buildings, faculties, greens, lakes and even canals. It also houses a few historic sculptures and of course the famous Warwick Art Center.

Many places and buildings in the UK have already been benefited by 3D artwork and floorplans especially those buildings with large complicated structures such as hospitals. Apart from engineers, architects and a few other people, no one can actually understand the floor plans that we usually find in buildings.

It would really look impressive if they had 3D artist impression maps around the campus here. That would definitely solve a lot of problems and be helpful for visitors and students alike besides highlighting the beauty of the campus.

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